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Not sure of your ring size? The best way to determine your true size is to have a jeweller measure your finger professionally. This usually does not incur any cost to you.

Another method is to measure the size of a ring you already own. Here's how it works:

1) First, find a ring that you own that fits perfectly. 

Then click on the link to begin.

2) Follow the prompts to adjust your screen size using a standardized credit card / bank card / healthcare card etc. ( Set the option for the type of ring you are looking for to "Band")

3) Match your ring against the ring size chart on your monitor.

Note: There are factors that can have a slight impact on your ring size such as time of day or the weather. For best results, pick a ring that fits you well at the end of the day, when your fingers are warm.

We have also listed a Multisizer Ring Sizing Gauge on our product page, which is a re-usable plastic strip that can accurately measure your ring size.

Also refer to this page for reference and conversion chart.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.